Dikes and Other Intrusive Bodies of the Spanish Peaks Region

This map (after Johnson, 1968) shows the large number of intrusive bodies in the Spanish Peaks region. What should be most evident are the dike systems, especially the radial dike systems. There are really three dike systems visible here. The radial dike systems focussed on West Spanish Peak (just east of Cuchara) and Silver Mountain (northwest of La Veta across CO 10), the subparallel dike system trending N80E, and a number of dikes that are not aligned with either the radial or subparallel systems.

Dike Orientation in the Spanish Peaks Region

Since I'd gone to all the trouble to digitize some 961 dikes from Johnson (1968), I wondered what the orientation of all the dikes were. So, I thought I'd play with the data a bit. The figure below consists of all the orientations for the dikes including Silver Mountain. As you can see, the preponderance of the dikes (50.9886%, Oh, OK, 51%) trend roughly between East 10° South and East 30° North. 33% of the dikes trend from due East to East 30° North. Unfortunately, radial dikes are included in these data too so, it might be interesting to separate the data and look for patterns. Now, if some bright young undergraduate would like to work on the data, contact me.